A Global Application

Water scarcity is affecting the entire world. VENA's AWG systems have a global capability to alleviate suffering in water scarce regions. Our systems can be placed in various communities to provide an additional source of local and affordable water to communities, industry and agriculture. From South America to Asia, Our technology can provide water to those who need it most, making it one of the most versatile technologies to fight global water scarcity.

Human Aid

Water scarcity has the most devastating effects amongst the poorest on our planet. OCHA estimates the number of people without access to safe water is expected to rise from just over 1 billion to 2 billion by 2025. Water scarcity represents a major political, economic, and human rights issue, threatening to amplify conflict, food insecurity, and poor health and sanitation. Population growth, economic development and profligate water usage place an undue strain on existing water resources.  

VENA works with local government to implement AWG solutions, locally delivering potable water resources as a humanitarian solution to developing communities, alleviating effects of water scarcity.


According to Scientific American, water shortage and pollution pose a physical risk to companies, affecting operations and supply chains. They also face risks of stricter regulations such as higher water prices, reduced rations, stricter emission permits and obligatory water-saving technologies.

Brands currently face reputational risks due to the public and media becoming increasingly aware of unsustainable water usage. An estimated 22% of global water consumption and pollution relates to the production of export commodities. Companies are genuinely concerned about growing water scarcity and are looking for mitigating strategies. 



According to the International Water Management Institute, agriculture, which accounts for about 70% of global water withdrawals, is constantly competing with domestic, industrial and environmental uses for a scarce water supply.

With the current water management practices, by 2050 the global agricultural sector will need to double the amount of water used to feed the world. VENA's AWGs can provide an additional source of potable water to farmers currently facing water scarcity. By combining efficient water practices, such as drip irrigation, with our AWG solutions, we can bring additional water to the agricultural sector.


Water scarcity is affecting municipal water supplies around the world. With ground water sources at record lows, many communities have been placed on water rationing or run out altogether. Many communities are currently relying on trucked-in water as an immediate, expensive, temporary and unsustainable solution to alleviate effects of water scarcity to communities.

Governments are currently seeking alternative approaches to provide adequate water supply. Our AWG solutions can provide an additional supply to governments, municipalities and communities facing water shortages.

Tailored pricing for each cusomer

VENA has a a flexible set of pricing models to fit the needs of each customer, regardless of how large or small. Below are some of the pricing options offered to our customers.


Customers lease AWG systems on an annual basis, with unmetered water supplied to customers. We offer annual contracts to conduct remote and/or onsite monitoring and maintenance.

Direct Sales

Customers purchase AWG systems at a reasonable up-marked price in order to fund our organization and continue development of more efficient AWG technologies. We offer annual contracts to conduct remote and/or onsite monitoring and maintenance.


Customers don't pay anything up front to adopt a VENA AWG system. VENA self finances the development of AWG projects and meters water production to sell directly to customers at a lower cost than the current water provider. 


A global response to delivering atmospheric water

Our Global Water Market

Water scarcity is affecting a large portion of our planet. While perceived to mostly affect desert regions, water scarcity affects all climates. The map shown to the right highlights all areas in the world currently effected by water scarcity where VENA's technology can effectively operate.

The orange and red are areas in which VENA AWG systems are an ideal functional, practical and economical solution over current solutions to date. These are areas with a high degree of water scarcity who are actively seeking alternate solutions over current water deliverance approaches.



The Water Trucking Industry

Due to the effects felt by water scarcity, the water trucking industry has become one of the fastest growing subsectors of the overall water industry, providing immediate and temporary relief to water scarce regions.

VENA AWG systems can act as either a water grid supply source or an individual water station, depending on the size and planning of each system project.

Our AWG's replace the need for expensive guzzling trucks altogether, lowering the cost of water to local communities while increasing water security.

India's Water Crisis

India has felt one of the worst effects of water scarcity in the last decade. India's water crisis is often attributed to a lack of governmental planning, increased corporate privatization, industrial and human waste and government corruption. 

According to The World Bank, by 2025 an estimated 60% of India's ground water tables will be in critical condition, over 21% of the country's disease is water related, and only 33% of the country has access to traditional sanitation.

India is one of our initial customers, targeting select communities, industries and agriculture in immediate need of water resources.